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Paul McDonald & Son

We have over 30 years experience using the latest state of the art alloy wheel

straightening machine.  

We have the capacity to straighten  a 24” (607 mm) diameter wheel.  

If we take the lathe of we can repair up to  30” diameter  (762 mm).  

We have 20 years wealth of  experience in repairing alloy wheels.

All our staff are fully apprentice trained and have City and guilds & NVQ  Qualifications.

We get a lot of wheels with cracks in them.

 Below is a picture of a typical crack in a wheel.  

This can be caused by a number of things, eg it could have driven down a pot hole.

Sometimes there are objects on the motorway that you can`t avoid.  

If the wheel has been driven for a while with a puncture it can cause cracks.

If you have run flat tyres you can have a crack in your wheel and not know it.

With run flat tyres one crack often produces more cracks as the wheel is unstable as it is driven about.

We have the capacity to weld repair most damage.  

From standard cracks as bellow to replacing missing pieces.

We can prepare your wheels for painting ie:  remove curb damage and weld fill any low spots with aluminium filler wire not body filler!

A small selection of Before and After repairs!